The conclusion is an interesting aspect because some people get it confused with the introduction and they say the same thing though they’ll say something like just repeat the introduction but that’s really not what you want to do because the reader will encounter the introduction and the conclusion at very different times the introduction the reader has no idea what your paper is even about the conclusion though the reader already knows everything that you’ve had to say so the last thing you want to do is just copy and paste the introduction again what you really want to do instead of that is just remind the reader of the important points that you made you know. Read great essay conclusions at Robotdon.

Things that the reader might have forgotten especially if you the stuff in the very first part you know it’s worth repeating again you might also suggest some additional readings or research now one thing I like to do in the conclusion is tell you to talk about you know okay you’ve read this stuff you know this stuff now what can you do with it now how can you apply this what are the implications of it and then my favorite thing though is if you opened up with that little story you know go back and talk about what happened next so when you guys were doing your ideal learning experience project a lot of a lot of you took my advice and the first the introduction you talked about how you felt on the first day of class and then the conclusion you talked about how you felt on the last day of class so that was a very nice way to link the introduction in conclusion okay so some tips one is I just said don’t copy and paste your thesis statement into your conclusion – don’t sound wishy-washy especially in the conclusion nothing worse and you read this big essay and then you get to the conclusion then the author says something like you know I still don’t know how I feel about this well thank you for wasting my time and the third thing.

Don’t introduce anything new in the conclusion don’t raise a new argument there that’s not what a conclusion is for a conclusion is there to draw a line or like it’s like the the end the closure that you’re trying to get at it’s not a place to start bringing up new ideas you want to do that in the above paragraph all right here so two conclusions for you one in conclusion is a useful tool for curtailing plagiarism used correctly it not only discourages students from cheating but helps them understand the nature and value of copyright law second example teaching the students to use free software and to participate in the free software community is a hands-on civics lesson it also teaches students on the role model it also teaches students the role model of public service rather than that of tycoons all levels of schools should use free software.

In your discussion you should consider the implication. So, not just the reasons and you have to critically analyze; just don’t not say, this is one of the reason and reason one, reason two, reason three, but you have to also critically analyze, support it through some scholarly academic readings, and that’s is where the entire idea of research comes in. That when you are asked to critically analyze or support something then you have to look at some kind of readings that support this kind of a question or this kind of an argument, so that is what we mean by taking a stand and developing an argument. You look at the entire question and you have to consider what kind of impact would, these reasons would have on formulation of social policy or public policy. So, there is lot that is happening in this question. It has various parts; each part has to be given responses properly. Look at this line, and here is a list of useful words in academic writing. Analyse, argue, assess, claims, define, describe, discuss, question, summarize. Enumerate, emphasise, elaborate, explain, illustrate, identify, trace, prove, reflect, state, point out, observe. Why are these words important for us?

These are the words we use in our written language. Now we are not talking about an ordinary written communication he says and she says and I said and they said and I feel and I believe; you have to now look at some of the jargons of academic writing where you use such kind of language. So, you identify trace, prove, reflect, demonstrate, illustrate, and all these words are loaded with meaning not as simple as I feel, I say, I would say all right in written ordinary written communication or spoken communication. Here you are looking at something more complex. Remember, an academic question demands attention. So, identify the key words in the essay topic, and ensure that you understand what you have being asked to do. You have to also pay attention to each part in each section of the question and make sure that you do not deviate or digression from it. Look at that question on social policy, and reasons for divorce rate, make sure that you are talking about divorce rate, the reasons – analyzing the reasons and what all this could have, what implications all these could have on making social policy.

Now, digression would be you start talking, you take a stand and then go and beat about it as much, women’s education, you take up something like women’s education and then go on and on and on about it. You do not talk about the overall picture; you do not view in your argument and response in the kind of discussion you are supposed to have. So, we go there deviating and digressing. Remember, if there are two parts in the question; make sure that you respond to both parts as you have already seen in that previous question. Let’s us talk about researching for academic essays.

Essays are really different from one side to the other depending on the teacher and things are really different what style you want to do it there’s Emily style a psl and there’s probably a lot of other styles i don’t even know about um and like teachers always have specific instructions some of them won’t abstract some of them don’t some of them on methodology cementum don’t it really depends so this is going to be really general and broad but I’m trying to cover as much as I can and like yeah there’s so many types of essays and everything I can do more videos on essays if you guys really like them and really want them I’m gonna do like a compare and contrast essay a personal I say and if we rid of it say a argumentative essay like all that stuff I can do a video for each one of them if you want me to but I mean like this is gonna be a lot of videos on essays. Get to know more about writing a paper at Edusson.

And I think I’m pretty boring but still if you need them I’m gonna do them because I love helping you guys so I’m gonna do it if you want me to but maybe not this semester because the semester is kind of coming to an end finally and I’m kind of tired of school so I don’t think I’m gonna be doing any school related videos during the summer just because I need a break from school this is really like basic stuff so it’s more for high school and maybe like college too but I mean it’s not a really advanced method and all that it’s really like basic tips for beginners oh and before I start I just want to mention that I’m doing Q&A; video really soon so make sure to leave any questions like doesn’t have to be school related but any questions you want to ask me down below so I can answer them and when I do my video so yeah okay so now.

Let’s move on to the essay tips so when you’re writing a paper like I said like teachers always have specific stuff they want to too sometimes it’s too scholar resources sometimes it’s just like a minimum of pages maximo phages they want a certain style MLA APA whatever so make sure to read the instruction before you do anything else because you want to do the right thing and also make sure you know exactly what you’re supposed to write your paper on because if you don’t mind your red paper it’s gonna be really really like annoying so yeah make sure to do that and if you don’t understand something ask for clarification with classmates or your teacher or anything to make sure you really have all the information you need to do a break your paper now most papers you need to do research because you don’t already know everything about the subject.

Top Business Plan Tips From The Pros

If you are approaching a bank for funding they will be heavily focused on the financials and the ability of your business to service the loan they will provide. An equity investor will still be concerned with the financial plan but will place much greater emphasis on the management team leading the business and the actual product or service. Why? Well, it’s because they will actually own a part of your business and consequently are more concerned with who is running it and how likely the business is to grow as this is directly proportional to the return they will make. Banks just care about the ability of the business to service the loan and repayment.

What’s The Most Important Section When You Write A Business Plan?

It really depends on the business, but after years of working for banks and dealing with private equity investors it is clear that the financial forecasts and the business action plan around operations are the two focal points. The reality is that lenders and investors generally have a detailed knowledge of the market and competition data. They read hundreds of plans in any given year and are continually looking at macro data. They really want to know the answer to two questions:

    • How much will this business make?
    • Do they have a feasible plan to execute it?

People who invest cash want to make sure that they will get it back and make a return. In order to address these key concerns your business must make money and deliver a detailed plan on how it will be accomplished. It’s a results game when it comes to funding and this should be the main focus when you present your business plan. All other sections you cover when you write a business plan seek to support your assertions in the financial plan.

Who Can Help Me Write A Business Plan?

There are hundreds of  essay writing services out there that will actually write a business plan for you but it usually costs a lot of money and it won’t teach you how to write a business plan for yourself.  You don’t really get to understand the business planning process, which is an invaluable skill for an entrepreneur to have. There are also many free resources that can help you with the outline that is preferred by lenders and government authorities that can help you get started. We have lots of free information in our blog, which may also help you get started.

To be honest though, being an entrepreneur is addictive – hence the cliché’, “serial entrepreneur.” One of the best skills you can have as an entrepreneur is to learn how to write a business plan yourself because it is a skill you will use again and again in your own entrepreneurial journey.

5 Business Myth Traps To Avoid At Interviews Part 2

It is all about the Numbers

It depends; sometimes it is about certain numbers, sometimes it is the trend rather than the number itself, and sometimes it is about behaviors, or lack of behaviors behind the numbers that are as important, or more important than the numbers themselves.

  • A 10% decline in profitability, year-on-year, is not a bad thing if there has been heavy investment in R&D, or infrastructure, that will increase profitably in the future considerably for a short-term lack of gain.
  • A 10% increase in profitability for short-term gain, which may impact on the sustainability of longer-term profits can be masking the bigger picture.
  • “Lies, damned lies, and statistics” (attributed to Disraeli by some and Mark Twain by others) describes the persuasive power of numbers, particularly the use of statistics to bolster otherwise weak arguments.
  1. It’s not supposed to be Fun; that’s why it’s called Work

It depends; there are very few businesses I have come across that are not dependent on the quality, co-operation and buy-in of their staff, and not just their key high potentials. Google and Facebook have demonstrated that their service is a product of their staff environment as well as their talent.

  • All people, but particularly the Gen Y’s, relish environment (other things being equal) and in a free market people won’t put up with certain standards and measurements, perceived as outdated.
  • Free thought and inspiration, in my experience, rarely thrive in a strict rules based environment and the “hygiene factors” set the tone.
  • There has to be underlying standards of expectations and standards set from the start, but these need to be both personal and team orientated so that people buy into the goal and their willing cooperation.
  1. Don’t just Sit there, do something

It depends; yes there are times and situations where urgent and immediate action is required, but there are other times when a “knee-jerk” reaction, or a pre determined to-do list won’t necessarily generate the best output.

  • Thinking time is not a luxury, but often provides the most effective decision-making, and a considered opinion is often more productive than your first instinct.
  • Activity and productivity is expected and required in any position and at any level, but only the right activity generates the right productivity.
  • “Measure thrice, cut once”,Hoping for the best takes no time at all, but preparing for the worst does” and “Even it there turns out to be no better way, ensure you have thought through and considered every other option” are 3 mantras I learned from a very trusted offshore sailor and it has saved lives as well as careers.


5 Business Myth Traps to Avoid at Interviews Part 1

What do you do when the obvious answer to an interview question makes sense , but isn’t always right? Most Interview questions can be predictable based on the criteria and behaviors expected from the ideal candidate.

Interviewers however are aware that many answers can be anticipated and prepared in advance, so they may challenge you on your opinions, business common sense and ability to recognize a potential debate instead.

What Business myths are used as traps, if you don’t have an opinion on them, or can’t debate them in context?

  1. Time is Money
  2. If you can’t Measure It, you can’t Manage It
  3. It is all about the Numbers
  4. It’s not supposed to be Fun; that’s why it’s called Work
  5. Don’t just Sit there, do something
  6. Time is Money

It depends; to some, yes it is, and to many businesses it may be an appropriate measure of performance and contribution, but it is how you spend it mosty effectively, rather than the quantity of time used.

  • Getting a task done in record time does not mean that it has been done well, or with consideration to the longer-term consequences.
  • Doing “just enough”, is never going to make you or your employer stand out, and in the interview process, standing out above other candidates, for the right reasons is essential.
  • In areas of Sales and Customer Service, gains can be made by investing just that little bit more time in ensuring you have all the angles covered, issues resolved and treating the valuable Customer politely, as well as with efficiently.
  1. If you can’t Measure It, you can’t Manage It

It depends; on what you are measuring, how you are measuring it and how much resource it takes to do so. Measurement for the sake of it, or micro-managing the wrong elements is an energy and motivation sapping danger.

  • Not everything that can be measured has a profound impact on the outputs and end results, or the same level of contribution to the end results.
  • There are Key Performance Indicators that are a fair indication of productivity, but make sure you are measuring the right ones is a key factor in any process-to-output chain.
  • Managing variance is not just about identifying it; ensuring the right message and understanding in any remedial action will only have the right positive impact if the true cause is identified and communicated effectively.


Tips When Finding Angel Investors

When starting a business you will want to be wary of people who are offering to write your business plan for you for a large upfront fee and then offer to show it to their network of investors to get you the financing you need.

This area of business is rife with scams so make sure you investigate any company that is offering this service. These scam companies will try to sell you on the dream of writing your business plan for you and then shopping that business plan around to their network of investors and all you need to do is pay these scam artists an upfront of a few thousand dollars for their services. The only problem is that once you and your money and you business idea to them they suddenly become unreachable and are never seen again. So before signing up with any these companies make sure you do your research thoroughly or you could soon be parted with your money and your business idea.

A company will typically be able to show you testimonials from past clients it has had dealings with and this is a good opportunity for you to be able to independently verify their claims and ensure their testimonials are above board. If you can’t verify any of the testimonials yourself you might be wary of that company.

This is not to say that all of these companies are out to scam as I’m sure there are lots of the companies that are legit and will do just what they say they, just make sure to your homework before you sign up with these companies. Be aware that even with the legitimate ones there are normally a lot of strings attached before they will provide you with any funding. A lot of them will want to own a big share of your company if they provide you with the start up capital which means effectively from the moment you accept their funding they will get to take a large chunk of the profits you make for as long as you run your business so make sure to read the fine print before accepting any offers in order to make sure you are happy with the deal you are getting.

Also if you sign up with these services that offer to write your business plan you will be missing out on an important part of the business process which is the creation of your business plan. By going through the exercise of making your business plan you will be learning vital information about your business and your target market. By creating your business plan yourself you will be better situated when it comes to knowing your target market and will have a better handle on how you want to grow your business. If you leave it up to someone else you will have missed out on doing all the research and strategizing on how best to operate your business.

Best of luck to if you decide to pursue this line of funding from angel investing companies just make sure to read the fine print of any of contracts and funding offered to you and make sure that you are signing up with a legitimate company that can provide the services they claim to offer so you don’t end up wasting time and money when starting your business.

How to Write a Business Plan Proposal

Undеrѕtаnding thе аim of wrіtіng а buѕіnеѕs plan propоѕаl would dо a lot оf gооd іn hеlріng yоu underѕtand whаt thіѕ сruсial doсumеnt shоuld cоntаіn. Sіmрly рut, ѕuсh plаn рrороѕаl іѕ аkin to a buѕinеѕѕ’ѕ rеsumе whiсh shоuld bе аіmеd аt wіnnіng clіents or investоrs to thе busіnеѕs. Muсh lіke the рerѕоnal rеѕume thаt anу emрloyее or jоb sееkеr соuld prepаre, а trade plаn рropоsal ѕhоuld bаsісаlly tell about thе рrоductіоn аnd make the clіеntѕ or invеѕtorѕ undеrstаnd whу thеy shоuld contract the buѕineѕs or fund it in caѕe оf inveѕtоrѕ. Thіѕ iѕ different from advertіѕіng as іt gіvеs much morе detаіlѕ.

A buѕineѕs рlаn рrороsal ѕhould bаѕісally сonsіst оf thе follоwіng:

Thе buѕineѕs summаry

Thіs іnduсеs thе rеаdеr tо underѕtаnd whаt the buѕinеsѕ іs all аbоut. Thіѕ iѕ wherе yоu tаlk аbоut thе namе оf the cоmpanу, thе рrоductѕ іt оffеrѕ, thе manаgеment ѕtruсturе оf thе сomрany аnd аll other necesѕаrу detаіls tо hеlp thе reаdеr get a рісture оf the buѕіnеѕѕ. Remеmber thаt thіѕ iѕ thе fіrѕt pаrt оf thе buѕіnеѕѕ plаn prоpоѕаl, ѕo it shоuld bе ѕіmplе аnd struсtured tо mоtivаte the reаdеr tо rеаd on. If it іѕ nесеsѕаrу thаt thе ѕummаry gоeѕ up to twо or mоrе раgеѕ, ѕtruсturе thеm into portіonѕ fоr еasy undеrѕtanding. Of соursе you shоuld trу tо mаkе іt aѕ ѕhоrt аѕ pоѕsіble.

Mіsѕіоn аnd viѕion of the busіnеsѕ

Thе mіsѕіоn оf the businеѕs shоuld outlіnе thе purроse of thе buѕіneѕѕ іn terms оf why уоu іntеnd to sеt uр thе cоmmerсe аnd whаt nееds that рroduсtіоn wіll bе mееting. Thе viѕіon оf thе busіness іѕ a рrоjесtiоn of whаt the trаdе wіll be іn аbout thrее уeаrѕ. It ѕhоuld оutlіne thе ѕіze аnd grоwth of thе buѕіneѕs іn the ѕtаted timе.


Thiѕ tells the inveѕtorѕ whаt thе management іntendѕ tо do with the соmраnу in lоng and ѕhort term bаsіѕ. It shоuld tеll thе rеаdеrѕ whаt the trаde іntеnds tо асhіеvе in а pеriod of sау twо yearѕ or more.

Markеtіng ѕtrategу

Thіѕ pаrt оf thе buѕinеѕѕ plаn рroрoѕаl tеllѕ thе іnvеѕtоrѕ what mаrkеting ѕtrategіеѕ the соmрany іntеnds tо рut in рlaсе. It should gіvе all thе dеtаils оf thе tаrgеted сuѕtоmеrs and whаt stratеgieѕ wіll be еmрlоyed tо rеaсh to thеm, bоth оnlіnе аnd оff.

Fіnanсіal stratеgу

Thіѕ раrt оf thе buѕіnеѕs рlan рrоpоsаl shоuld tell thе invеѕtоrs hоw thе сompаny intends to put to usе thе fіnanсеѕ thаt іt gеtѕ. Thіѕ seсtіоn givеѕ thе сomраnу’ѕ сurrеnt fіnancіal ѕtanding. It shоuld аlso dеtаіl every рrојесt’ѕ саpіtal іnvеstmеnts and еxрeсted rеturnѕ.


Thіѕ ѕhould bе а ѕmоoth flоwіng, simplе languagе busіneѕs summаry іn a few ѕеntеnсеѕ. It shоuld сlаrіfу аny роіnts thаt maу havе bееn compliсated аnd givе а сomplete pісturе of whаt thе cоmрanу is аnd іs еxрected to be.


Scientifically Advanced Structural Engineering Careers

When we talk about Engineers, we can mean many things. Both auto and aero engineering appeal to a wide cross-section of people who want to be at the forefront of technology and science. In Britain we have a distinguished history in aeronautical engineering, with around six hundred companies working in the aerospace industry. When it comes to the automotive industry, over 300,000 people in the UK are employed in design, development and manufacturing.

Quality Training

You’ll find a very high concentration of aero and auto engineering based undergraduate degree courses in the UK – many with international reputations. Students can also go on to do post grad work at many institutions. At a lower level, vocational training can be found up and down the country. The option of a one year placement in industry is available with most university degree courses, and most students choose to take this between the second and final year.

Sandwich courses can also be available on certain training programmes. There are opportunities for some students to get sponsored whilst at university. This also usually means a work placement afterwards. With so many variables open to you, it’s a good idea to really research everything that’s on offer.

Automotive Engineering

All cars, bikes, coaches and heavy goods vehicles come under the remit of auto engineering. Today’s auto engineers need to understand electronic and software engineering as well as mechanical and electrical. Modern vehicle engineers can utilise the latest technologies – for example in relation to electric cars or active suspensions.

Generally speaking, we can separate the automotive engineering processes into three distinct fields. Designers are not only responsible for the automotive design, but also for testing each component part. Next come the development engineers. They are concerned with the interactions of all the systems.

Designers sometimes need developers to specify criteria for their designs. Working out how to actually assemble and produce the vehicle is the manufacturing engineers’ job.

Students will find their training is both extensive and intense. Amongst other subjects, you will be taught about aerodynamics, performance, emissions and vehicle dynamics. Safety engineering is one of the most important disciplines for the automotive engineer, and students will learn how assessments are carried out with various methods and tools.

Design engineers test individual components, but they must also be tested to prove synchronicity with the vehicle as a whole. And so training must include elements of development engineering. Sometimes opposing requirements have to be taken through a trade-off process, to ensure each system doesn’t compromise another. Finally the development engineer has to conduct tests on the full vehicle, such as level testing, validation and certification.

The process is ready for the manufacturing engineers once all the product design and development work has been done. Parts have to be assembled, (usually in separate plants) and vehicles built to the exacting standards of the manufacturing engineers. Safety procedures have to be applied to every stage of manufacture – from design of equipment and layout of people, to machine and line rates and all automated tasks.

Aeronautical Engineering

We think of aeronautical engineering as the science of aircraft, but it also embraces space technology and missiles. Students who train as aeronautical engineers would be preparing themselves for a career in the aerospace industry -a most interesting industry at the forefront of science and technological developments. As an aside – Formula One racing cars share a common technological base with modern airliners.

Many severe conditions have to be endured for an aircraft to fly safely, with immense structural loads being placed upon them. Consequently the building of an aircraft will take many engineering disciplines and aeronautical engineers will all deal in specialist technologies.

Aeronautical engineering students will be taught design principles throughout their training, and receive a thorough insight into analytical subjects. Lectures will be given on subjects such as fluid mechanics, with laboratory sessions to back them up. Study is divided into theoretical mathematical elements and empirical testing – much of which is done by computerised simulations in commercial environments. (Students though will still carry out wind tunnel tests, and engage in experiments using jet engines).

Applying yourself to practical applications is an important engineering principle. Degree course students will have a practical group assignment at some stage to design their own functional vehicle. Undergraduate engineering training programmes also provide other useful skill-sets for their students. Such areas as time-management, writing skills and presenting can all help at interview.

Highly skilled engineering professionals can pursue a variety of extremely rewarding career opportunities that involve leading-edge technology.

Completing an accredited engineering degree course will allow you to obtain the status of a professional Incorporated Engineer or Chartered Engineer.


Life & Skills Coaching Courses Lead To Careers

Do you desire a stimulating and rewarding career that offers great benefits to everyone you work with?

Find the Perfect Career for You!

So many of us desire to change a great deal about the way we live our lives! We wish to view the day ahead with enthusiasm – inspired by the possibilities in front of us.

More than that actually – we need to feel that we’re of value to other people, and that we’re being stretched to perform.

If you’re saying yes to all of the above, you’re probably ready to look into the possibility of turning what’s up to now been a hobby into a fulfilling career or business. You’ll feel so much more energised and optimistic when you know you’re on your way to becoming certified in the profession of your dreams.

Understand your actions, for they become your habits.

Everybody wants recognition, and when you improve the lives of others you get it in abundance. Who wouldn’t want those skills? The internet will provide you with a massive choice of personal improvement training courses – don’t feel overwhelmed, just see the search as your first assignment. Wherever you see a relevant website popping up, take some time to review it. As various training companies crop up on this site, it might help to put it into your ‘favourites’ and visit us again. Also draw up a list of queries and try to answer them as honestly as you can, to ensure you’re on the right track.

Can you really say you want to enhance the lives of others? Are you determined to make it work even if the going gets tough? How important is it to find a career that assists your own spiritual and emotional growth? Do you feel confident to advise others, or would you rather listen and encourage? How well do you relate and communicate with people that you don’t know very well? How broad-minded and non-judgemental are you? Do you see yourself as a ‘glass half full’ or ‘glass half empty’ sort of person? Do you feel you’ll be able to resist emotional involvement with every client you help?

Few of us are ideal candidates when we first look into this, so don’t worry too much if some of the answers you gave were less than perfect. Specialised training will bring you up to speed on any weak areas you may have. If you are basically an accepting, supportive and upbeat kind of person you should find that everything else can be learned.

Ideas To Get You Going…

Train To Be A Coach

What about getting into life coaching? Demand for life coaches has grown in the UK over the last several years. Coaches don’t need to have any particular experience or background knowledge to work with all their different clients. When you study for a Life Coaching certification, you’ll learn how to encourage clients to work through their challenges, not look to you for answers. You’ll develop the skills to take a person from wherever their starting point is to being in a position of strength and clarity. As the name suggests, a life coach can help with all areas of people’s lives.

Courses In Training

If you like the idea of inspiring and training groups of people, why not take a course in presenting to boost your confidence and hone your skills? Good professional trainers are valuable people. Companies will often pay handsomely to have their staff well trained and motivated.

Reiki Training

How about a new career in Reiki therapy? If you’ve ever had treatment yourself you’ll know what an enriching experience it is. You will learn all about how to promote personal and spiritual well-being, expand consciousness and stimulate creative awareness. In addition to reducing stress and promoting relaxation in others, you will be able to treat your own mind and body to experience your own inner peace and tranquillity.


Study practical and easy-to-learn NLP tools for success that will help you to understand how the mind works. It emerged out of years of studying effective therapy, and is an excellent tool or ‘add-on’ to many other therapies and coaching approaches. If personal and professional development is something that you strive for, then taking an NLP Practitioner course could be just the right thing for you.

Mentor Training

There are various practical mentoring programmes that will give you both the theory and practice needed to become effective. A mentor will help the person being mentored to acquire or fine-tune a skill, and so will be expected to pro-actively instruct.