Basics of Good Term Paper

Essays are really different from one side to the other depending on the teacher and things are really different what style you want to do it there’s Emily style a psl and there’s probably a lot of other styles i don’t even know about um and like teachers always have specific instructions some of them won’t abstract some of them don’t some of them on methodology cementum don’t it really depends so this is going to be really general and broad but I’m trying to cover as much as I can and like yeah there’s so many types of essays and everything I can do more videos on essays if you guys really like them and really want them I’m gonna do like a compare and contrast essay a personal I say and if we rid of it say a argumentative essay like all that stuff I can do a video for each one of them if you want me to but I mean like this is gonna be a lot of videos on essays. Get to know more about writing a paper at Edusson.

And I think I’m pretty boring but still if you need them I’m gonna do them because I love helping you guys so I’m gonna do it if you want me to but maybe not this semester because the semester is kind of coming to an end finally and I’m kind of tired of school so I don’t think I’m gonna be doing any school related videos during the summer just because I need a break from school this is really like basic stuff so it’s more for high school and maybe like college too but I mean it’s not a really advanced method and all that it’s really like basic tips for beginners oh and before I start I just want to mention that I’m doing Q&A; video really soon so make sure to leave any questions like doesn’t have to be school related but any questions you want to ask me down below so I can answer them and when I do my video so yeah okay so now.

Let’s move on to the essay tips so when you’re writing a paper like I said like teachers always have specific stuff they want to too sometimes it’s too scholar resources sometimes it’s just like a minimum of pages maximo phages they want a certain style MLA APA whatever so make sure to read the instruction before you do anything else because you want to do the right thing and also make sure you know exactly what you’re supposed to write your paper on because if you don’t mind your red paper it’s gonna be really really like annoying so yeah make sure to do that and if you don’t understand something ask for clarification with classmates or your teacher or anything to make sure you really have all the information you need to do a break your paper now most papers you need to do research because you don’t already know everything about the subject.