What Should Be In Essay Conclusion

The conclusion is an interesting aspect because some people get it confused with the introduction and they say the same thing though they’ll say something like just repeat the introduction but that’s really not what you want to do because the reader will encounter the introduction and the conclusion at very different times the introduction the reader has no idea what your paper is even about the conclusion though the reader already knows everything that you’ve had to say so the last thing you want to do is just copy and paste the introduction again what you really want to do instead of that is just remind the reader of the important points that you made you know. Read great essay conclusions at Robotdon.

Things that the reader might have forgotten especially if you the stuff in the very first part you know it’s worth repeating again you might also suggest some additional readings or research now one thing I like to do in the conclusion is tell you to talk about you know okay you’ve read this stuff you know this stuff now what can you do with it now how can you apply this what are the implications of it and then my favorite thing though is if you opened up with that little story you know go back and talk about what happened next so when you guys were doing your ideal learning experience project a lot of a lot of you took my advice and the first the introduction you talked about how you felt on the first day of class and then the conclusion you talked about how you felt on the last day of class so that was a very nice way to link the introduction in conclusion okay so some tips one is I just said don’t copy and paste your thesis statement into your conclusion – don’t sound wishy-washy especially in the conclusion nothing worse and you read this big essay and then you get to the conclusion then the author says something like you know I still don’t know how I feel about this well thank you for wasting my time and the third thing.

Don’t introduce anything new in the conclusion don’t raise a new argument there that’s not what a conclusion is for a conclusion is there to draw a line or like it’s like the the end the closure that you’re trying to get at it’s not a place to start bringing up new ideas you want to do that in the above paragraph all right here so two conclusions for you one in conclusion turnitin.com is a useful tool for curtailing plagiarism used correctly it not only discourages students from cheating but helps them understand the nature and value of copyright law second example teaching the students to use free software and to participate in the free software community is a hands-on civics lesson it also teaches students on the role model it also teaches students the role model of public service rather than that of tycoons all levels of schools should use free software.