5 Ways to Keep Your Cell Phone in Top Condition


Keeping up with social media posting can be grueling. Finding new ideas of photos to take and text to post takes a bit of time, planning, and patience. But what if your cell phone isn’t working when you want to take that perfect sunset shot or burrito selfie? What do you do?

That’s why it is important to take good care of your equipment ahead of time so that it is ready when you need it most. Here are five ways to keep your cell phone in top condition.

#1: Use a Cell Phone Case

Perhaps the easiest and most cost-effective way to keep your cell phone in top condition is with a quality cell phone case. Not only does this help with drops and other accidents, but it can also keep dust, debris, and pocket lint from getting into the hardware components. In turn, this extends the life of your phone and keeps it working when you need it most.

#2: Install All Appropriate Updates

It can be really tempting to skip that smartphone update. However, doing so could be a really bad idea. Most cell phone companies roll out these upgrades to help combat hackers and make sure their equipment is compatible with various apps and features—including many popular social media platforms. Instead, go ahead and complete the system update as soon as it is available and make sure you’re checking app updates, too.

#3: Keep Your Cell Phone Away from Water

One of the worst habits of cell phone owners is bringing your device into the bathroom. This is usually a bad idea, as it is incredibly important to keep your cell phone away from water—including steam from bathing. Instead, opt to use other accessories like Bluetooth speakers for audio when playing music while you’re in the shower or wireless earbuds for calls while putting on your makeup. These items are much easier and affordable to replace than the actual smartphone itself.

#4: Always Use Precautions in Extreme Weather

Both extreme hot and extreme cold can have a negative impact on your cell phone. Instead, keep your device away from very hot and very cold temperatures, such as never leaving it in your locked car during the summer and winter months. If you accidentally forget, take your time turning on the device and wait until it has been at a moderate temperature for at least twenty-four hours.

#5: Have Your Screen Repaired by a Professional

It happens to everyone at some point, but a broken screen is no trivial matter. As soon as possible, have your smartphone screen repaired by a professional. Not only can this keep further damage from happening, but the process is also usually quick and affordable when handled by a cell phone repair shop. Plus, they can usually help answer questions about any other problems you’re experiencing with your smartphone device.

Staying selfie-ready is important to growing your social media account and you have to post frequently to see an increased number of followers. These five tips mentioned here can help ensure your cell phone is ready to go whenever you are.

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