Best Thumbnail Maker Apps for Android Smartphones


If you are a YouTuber, blogger, or a graphic designer, then you must have an idea about the importance of appropriate thumbnails on a video. Appealing and catchy thumbnails attract people towards your videos. Thumbnails are the best way to increase views to your videos. According to the survey, the videos that are having irresistible thumbnails usually get more views. That’s why most of the YouTuber or bloggers keep on looking for an efficient online Thumbnail Maker.

The internet has many online Thumbnail Maker apps, but most of them are usually very expensive or have ambiguous terms and conditions. But, you don’t need to worry anymore, as, in this article, we are going to discuss some of the most useful and popular online Thumbnail makers. This information may help you choose a YouTube Banner Maker for yourself without going through many online tools.

Ultimate Thumbnail Maker

This is one of the best online apps that allow you to design amazing thumbnails for your videos. This online Thumbnail Maker has many additional features that you couldn’t find in the other apps. The YouTube Banner Maker app lets you add stickers, emojis, and various designs that can make your banner more attractive. You can also get a massive amount of built-in designs in the app that can help you create a great thumbnail without any hassle.

Another significant reason for its popularity is its super-friendly interface. Even a non-professional can also use this online Thumbnail Maker without any hesitation. You can also get a massive range of background images, effects, and fonts to play around within this online app. There will be no watermarks on any thumbnail that you create by using this fantastic online app. However, there is an issue with this online tool that most of its features are paid. So, you have to buy a premium plan to enjoy all the features without any hurdles.

Pic Monkey

This app is famous for its amazing features like the background eraser. This online feature was missing even in some of the most popular apps like Canva. After the recent update, the app has become one of the best user-friendly apps that offer you to design attractive thumbnails for your videos within a few seconds. The artificial-intelligence powered touch-up tool enhances the attractiveness of your banners. Also, this online app is also cloud-based, which enables you to use it even on your desktop.

The other amazing features of this online app include advanced background effects, amazing templates, creative layouts, fabulous fonts, and many more. Still, this app has most of the features locked. So, until you get a subscription plan, you won’t be able to use them. The free version of this app may allow you to use the very basic or limited features, but the paid version gives you the facility to get the best out of this video thumbnail maker without any hassle.

Thumbnail Maker

You might have known that CA apps are considered the most prestigious and efficient applications that provide you all the features that you usually obtain after spending huge money. The Thumbnail tool offered by this online platform is also second to none. The features that are given by this famous yt maker is also exclusive. You can get a massive collection of well-designed styles that allow you to create an eye-catching logo for your videos. The thumbnails created by this YouTube Banner Maker enable you to get the attention of people.

If you think you may need to get some professional skills to use this fantastic online video Thumbnail Maker, you are entirely wrong. A few taps on your device will enable you to make appealing thumbnails by using this tremendous online thumbnail maker.

The unique design, exclusive fonts, and a massive library of templates make this online yt maker very useful for graphic designers. Also, the thumbnails you will create by using this amazing online video banner maker will not have any watermarks on it so that you can use them with complete authority and confidence.


Thumbnails are considered as the best way to get more views on your videos. The massive increment of social media users increases the effectiveness of appropriate thumbnails. Moreover, the race to get more views on your videos makes it essential for you to use some efficient online tools to assist you in this regard. A thumbnail making app will be the best option that you could have to create appealing thumbnails without making any hard efforts. The above-discussed information may assist you in understanding the need for adequate thumbnails on videos. You can use any of the discussed apps as per your desire to save your time and efforts. These apps can be easily installed on your android smartphones, so you can start using them now!

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