Protecting Your Huawei ID For Maximum Security


Huawei IDs are highly important for Huawei device users to ensure that they can access the apps and services freely with no issues. Especially with maintaining multiple devices, it can be a real challenge to protect all of it at once. It’s a challenge, but it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible.

Here, we’ll show you how to secure and protect your Huawei ID at all times from potential hackers or identity thefts.

Huawei Grants the Users Optimum Security

Huawei encourages its users to take their privacy and security settings on a serious note. That’s the reason why the company launched an upgrade with its risk control and prevention system. This is capable of protecting each Huawei user’s ID secured and private.

The Account Protection feature serves as an authorization assistant that verifies when the user’s Huawei ID is logged in on a new device or website. The user will then receive a verification code to verify the user’s identity. Verification will be sent to the user’s set email address or phone number. Verification codes will be activated when:

  • The devices’ Account Protection was enabled.
  • The devices’ Huawei log-ins were authenticated.
  • The user-provided a security phone number or security email addresses.

How to Enable Account Protection?

The user’s Huawei ID needs to be linked to their phone number and email addresses. This will be asked during log-in prompts, and random verification processes or password resets. Users need to keep their Huawei ID account updated to increase the security and privacy in their data.

  • Log-in with a Huawei ID – To enable your account protection settings, the user must log-in with their Huawei ID. Upon logging in, the user must visit the Account Centre. The user will be prompted with a screen display with their following information: Personal Info, Account and Security, Payment and Purchases, Cloud, Privacy Centre, and Settings. The user shall then pick the options button Account and Security and wait to be redirected for other options.
  • Choose Account and Security Option Button – Upon choosing the Account and Security option button, the user will see their phone details, email address, linked accounts, change password option, emergency contacts, account protection, verification methods, and security center. The user must click the Account Protection button and turn it “ON,” so when someone else will access the user’s Huawei ID on another device or website, they will be notified via email or text message.
  • Choose Security Centre Option Button – To further protect and secure the user’s account, the user must click the Security Centre option button and pick from one of the options such as reset password, change account, and freeze and unfreeze the account. The user can reset the password to change it up randomly and protect it from unknown devices that will attempt to access the user’s account. It’s an additional safety feature just in case if the password being set is not strong enough to protect it from hackers or fraudsters.

As a Huawei ID owner, update your Account Protection settings to keep your data and information safe and sound.

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