Everything You Should Know Before Purchasing A Sub-Woofer


Sub-woofers are best known for their ability to reproduce bass. Sub-woofers improve your listening experience by enhancing the bass sound to a high pitch frequency. Before settling for one, you will need to understand what aspect of a subwoofer will meet your expectations. Take time to understand how subwoofers work and not rush to go for a subwoofer based on price. This article informs you on what to consider when purchasing a subwoofer.

1. Understanding how sub-woofer works

Having a clear understanding of how subwoofers work will come hand in to assist you to know the size to choose, the place to set up, and how to set it up. You can buy a quality sub-woofer, but placing it in an insufficient acoustical room will limit its performance.

If you have decided on the room where you will set up your subwoofer, ensure you sort at any standing wave issues that the room may have before bringing in your sub-woofer. You can lower and manage the room’s standing waves through bass trapping.

One sub-woofer is sufficient. An effective sub-woofer is characterized by a powerful amplifier, a linear driver, and a perfect built cabinet. A sub-woofer with these features will be expensive.

2. Size

Choosing a subwoofer with a large surface area will guarantee you a more resonant sound from your sub-woofer. A larger surface area will allow more air in the sub-woofer creating a more projected bass. For each sub-woofer size you settle for, ensure you provide the equivalent power and space it may need.

3. Cabinet

A sub-woofer can be enclosed in a sealed or vented cabinet. An enclosed cabinet prevents air from escaping producing an accurate bass, but it will require more power to achieve this. If your aim is getting an accurate bass, a sealed cabinet will be the best option. But if your aim is clarity and saving on the power, you could go for the vented cabinet.

4. Power

Each sub-woofer has different power needs. For maximum output, your subwoofer and amplifier should match. A powered subwoofer designed with amp architecture and driver will produce much-needed bass for you.

5. What you to listen to

The bass from a sub-woofer should be an extended sound from your speakers. Thus the sound must be clear without any distortions. During purchase, ensure you listen out for this aspect. The bass from your sub-woofer should blend in with the sounds from the speaker without creating domination. A good subwoofer should be able to manage output levels. The frequency response should range from lower than 20Hz to higher than 100Hz. The sound from the sub-woofer should be something you love.

Final thoughts

Purchasing the sub-woofer from a reputable seller will save you the agony of dealing with imitations. You will have a guaranteed warranty and maintenance services from their personnel. Besides, you can get customer reviews on the particular sub-woofer on the company’s website. Remember saving on cost should not be your priority; you may end up with a sub-woofer that doesn’t meet your needs. Be ready to invest in a quality sub-woofer.

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