How to Use Backuptrans to Move Messages from iPhone


BackupTrans is a kit with multiple utility tools. It has an Android WhatsApp to iPhone transfer tool, which is liked by many. As its name suggests, you can quickly print text messages from iphone with Backuptrans. 

  • The interface allows you to preview all your conversations. Other than moving your data in one batch, you can also move a conversation at a time. To go on with this backup trans review, take a look at its main features.
  • The tool can transfer Whatsapp datafrom your Android to the iPhone in just a go.
  • It allows you to preview all conversations on Whatsapp and then select the chats you would prefer to move to the iPhone.
  • With this device, you can back up all Whatsapp messages from an Android to your computer and then restore it later on into the same device.
  • You may as well export all Whatsapp chatsin various formats such as DOC and PDF. Later on, you can print them.
  • On the other hand, you can extract all the attached media, such as photos and videos, from the Android and save them in the device separately.

Transferring your data

If you intend to move your data from Whatsapp, on Android, to iPhone, you may be wondering how to maneuver.

Because BackupTrans is not a free tool, users like to research in advance. Here is an overview of the pros and cons of using this device to transfer your Android messages to the iPhone.

Now that you have read a detailed preview of BackupTrans, you can decide if you wish to use the tool.

In case you do, then you should remember the following steps:

  1. The first step towards moving your messages from the android device to your iphone is connecting it and then launching the BackupTrans AndroidWhatsapp to your iPhone tool.
  2. The device will be detected. Then you shall be asked to back up your Whatsapp data.
  3. Go ahead and agree to the prompt. You may also decide to choose manually.
  4. Immediately the device is detected, you shall be asked to backup data on Whatsapp.
  5. Maintain backup from the phone’s toolbar
  6. Wait for five to ten minutes as it backs up.
  7. You can see all Whatsapp conversationsof the Android on your interface and then save them separately.
  8. Connect the iPhone to the system. Ensure that you trust the computer when it detects that device
  9. Immediately the interface detects your iPhone; it will list various useful icons on the sidebar.
  10. After that, you should click on the Android transfer icon located on the toolbar to move the saved messages to your connected device.
  11. You may as well select the Android device on the sidebar and then right-click and select the icon ‘Transfer Messages’ from your Android to iPhone.

Final Thoughts

BackupTrans may be one of the best data transfer tools, but it comes with a few pitfalls. Thus, it is highly recommended that you use MobileTrans to transfer your Android messages to your iPhone to overcome such issues.

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