Safest Methods of Earning PS4 FIFA Coins


Have you ever had to economize your FIFA coins? It is not a very pleasing feeling. When all the upgrades you need to make to your FIFA ultimate team are right there in front of you. If you stretch your imaginary hands, you could almost feel your goals right in front of you. But a lack of or insufficiency of PS4 FIFA coins is just about the only thing holding you back. At this point, you would have to improvise and cut your losses. You purchase the most important asset on your list and start working all over again to amass even more FIFA 21 coins.

PS4 FIFA coins are difficult to gather but easy to spend. This is one feature of the coins that they share with FIFA games across all digital platforms. So apart from playing match after match, what else can you do to get more PS4 FIFA coins? Although you might have heard about some other methods of getting more PS4 FIFA coins, how legal are those methods?

This article will be focussing mainly on the legal methods available for making more PS4 FIFA coins. We will be focusing on the major method of getting PS4 FIFA coins apart from the conventional methods.

Conventional Methods of Earning PS4 FIFA Coins

This subtopic is dedicated to those of us who are relatively new to the FIFA gaming world. The conventional methods of earning free PS4 FIFA coins, usually involve free FIFA coins. This means that using these methods, you could basically keep amassing free FIFA coins for as long as you would to. These methods are:

  1. Playing Matches: In developing your FIFA ultimate team, continually playing matches earns you FIFA coins. The more matches you play, the more PS4 FIFA coins you get to save up. This method however is somewhat slow as there is a limit to the number of coins you could get from each completed match.
  2. Completing Challenges: These challenges refer specifically to Squad Building Challenges. Especially those challenges which include PS4 FIFA Coins as part of the expected earnings from successfully clearing them.

These methods of making or earning PS4 FIFA coins (although the coins are free) have their own limitations in one aspect or another. Either they do not offer many PS4 FIFA coins or the opportunity to make FIFA coins through them is not too frequent.

Other Methods Available for Making Even More PS4 FIFA Coins

The first method in this category is FIFA game store trading. Making use of the space and platform that is the FIFA online store, you could choose to sell players or items in exchange for FIFA coins. Here, fair trade is carried out. So you will be able to extract every form of “FIFA coin potential” from whatever or whoever you choose to sell.

The next method is by directly buying PS4 FIFA coins. There are a lot of illegal platforms for doing this, but they obviously cannot be trusted. Using authorized retail sellers of FIFA coins is the way to go.


Getting PS4 FIFA coins could be challenging. But with the various methods available to you today, it has become a lot easier. It all boils down to whatever method is convenient for you.

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