Huawei Cloud Services- Is it Worth it?


Cloud services have revolutionized our ability to store information. Thanks to cloud services, vital information, and data of various forms no longer have to rely on physical hardware to be saved or restored. There are various cloud services today. The number of available cloud services is also on the rise. Huawei as a tech industry has made its mark in various aspects of the industry. They have now introduced the Huawei cloud services.

Speaking of mobile phones and other forms of digital gadgets, Huawei is rapidly growing. Their work in the telecommunications industry is also in its way revolutionary. Now, they have finally turned their attention to cloud services. Although still in the Beta Testing phase, the Huawei cloud services are already gathering enthusiasts from various parts of the world. It seems it would become a vital part of the Huawei Mobile services similar to the HMS SDK.

What is the Huawei Cloud Services about? How does the Huawei cloud services work? Is the use of Huawei cloud services affordable? All these and many more questions would be answered in this article.

Introduction to the Huawei Cloud Services

The Huawei cloud services similar to any other cloud service allows you to store a large amount of data and information in various forms. From images to videos and all formats of documents, Huawei cloud services have you covered. it operates similar to other cloud services. Users can access their files through AppGallery Connect anytime and anywhere.

This access can also be extended to app developers to assist them better manage user information. It would be easier for you as a developer to download, delete, and generally manage users` information. So if a user of your app changes mobile devices, you can store the relevant information on their behalf.

Key Advantages of the Huawei Cloud Services

  1. As mentioned earlier, the Huawei cloud services would especially be enjoyed by app developers. This is because it provides you as a developer with sufficient client SDK. This way, you do not need to worry about information and data generated by the users of your apps. Regardless of the form of the information, the generated SDK gives a secure, simple, and pretty effective APIs.
  2. If an error arises, it is relatively easy to identify the root cause.
  3. The available data storage capacity is at EB-level (Exabyte).

How much do the Huawei Cloud Services Cost to Use?

At the moment, the Huawei cloud storage is run on a relatively free usage principle or policy. But in time, the cost of using the service would depend on how much space is being used, the frequency of use (traffic), and the number of requests. So you do not have to worry about it being too expensive. There is a suitable price for everyone.


As developers, the Huawei cloud storage services are simply lifesavers. If you are on a budget there is an option for you. as you grow, you can rest assured that your space will grow with you. Huawei is continually developing platforms to assist developers to grow. Do not miss out on these opportunities.

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