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Like all the crazy FIFA players, you must be aware of the FIFA Ultimate Team. However, if you’re new to the gaming world, you need to learn about it. FIFA Ultimate Team, commonly known as FUT, is a game mode that allows you to build your own team. You can sell and buy your possessions to or from other players in the game. But, you need money to do this, which is basically the coins used in the game. To earn these coins quickly, one of the easiest methods is to buy FIFA coins.

Just like the game, these coins are also virtual and can be used to buy items in the game. The coins can be earned in different ways including competing in matches, trading them on FUT market, selling your items or receiving gifts or rewards in the game.

But there’s a down point in all of this, no matter how many coins you own, if you change to another version of the game, you can not get your coins or your progress. This is why many players opt to buy FIFA coins, even though the game’s policy does not allow it. The risk of getting caught is that you might lose access to your account and progress or maybe get banned.

There is nothing harmful about buying FIFA coins except the fact that it is cheating and morally wrong to get ahead of those who actually put in efforts to earn these coins.

Where can you buy FIFA coins?

Given below are some of the methods you can get FIFA coins:

  1. Player Auction– Sell one of your team players for a price you set. Whatever price you set, you will get that many coins.
  2. Mule Account– Receive the coins from someone on another account and later transfer it to yourself.
  3. Comfort Trade– Share your account details with the player who is selling coins and they will complete the transfer on their own. However, be careful as you might get cheated on and lose access to your account.
  4. FIFA Auction House– Sell one of your team’s players in the auction. The difference between this and the normal player auction is that in this case, the buyer will decide the price for the player you’re selling.

Now that you know the different ways of buying FIFA coins online, there are some other precautions you need to follow. Make sure that you are buying coins from a trusted player; don’t share your account details with strangers. Do not share any personal information or credit card info with shady sellers. Don’t fall into the trap of low pric; makee sure that the person is reliable and don’t buy coins more than you need. If you opt for the FIFA Auction House method, make sure that the seller covers the 5% tax that is applicable in EA.

In short, FIFA players buy and sell their FIFA coins even though the game’s policy doesn’t allow it. Yet, there are different ways you can buy FIFA coins, as mentioned above. It is your duty to make sure to follow all precautions and double-check the details before buying from anyone.

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